Are You a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?


With your HSP score, you will also receive the “5 Keys to Run a Thriving Business Without Burning out or Sacrificing Your Quality of Life."

Why Finding if You Are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Will Bring You Freedom...

  • GREAT Entrepreneurs and Leaders need to TRULY understand who they are, so they become top-notch leaders

  • Knowing and utilizing your STRENGTHS (dare I say "Superpowers"?!) will increase your income and the impact you want to have in the world

  • This will explain why you may sometimes (often?!) be overwhelmed by too many choices and possibilities and it will ease your decision making

  • You will be able to continue to be a mission-driven entrepreneur, a change-maker, but you will be able to create an ALIGNED strategy to avoid overload, overwhelm, and/or exhaustion 

These HSP Women in Business, Like Countless Others, Took the Test!

I believe highly sensitive women want to make a BIGGER impact. They (We) have a purpose, a mission, a 'calling'. And, as an HSP myself, I am dedicated to help them reach new heights!

  • Amy Juneau

    Creativepreneur, Copywriter, Personal Stylist

    The HSP test  is an efficient, valuable tool. I highly recommend taking it!  It gave me greater insight and perspective, while

    affirming the aspects of me I'm aware of.  This new point of view gave me more appreciation for my HSP traits. It also helped me to reorganize some existing habits to more efficiently work with them.

  • Samantha Scholz

    Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Speaker

    After taking the test, I was amazed to see that I only answered NO to one question. It's exciting to learn my little quirks are due to my being a highly sensitive entrepreneur. I now understand my new sensitivities and I am  opening myself to learning more about my HSP traits and how to activate what Nathalie calls my ' HSP superpowers'.

  • Dr. Charlene Brown, PhD

    Transpersonal Coach, Trainer, Speaker

    Nathalie is truly gifted.  We've worked together before and she knew that I was resistant to calling myself a HSP, and yet, my 16/22 does not lie!  I was especially surprised about the connection to food and the feeling of hunger--I had no idea the WAY I eat food was so related to my HSP traits. It is truly profound to understand. 

Highly sensitive women in business have SUPERPOWERS such as being visionaries, creative, deep-thinkers, intuitive...


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